Sunday, November 11, 2012

What a Waste

We grew up fairly poor by most standards. There wasn't an excess of food, clothing, or new things as we struggled to meet our day-to-day needs. We very rarely threw things away as we would use them until they fell apart or were handed down to someone else. It was a common understanding that we needed to be careful with what we had because we couldn't afford to waste it. We knew that our supply was very limited so being profligate wasn't an option.

Unfortunately, this attitude of cautious usage isn't the norm. Societally we tend to be wasteful people with our food, money, energy, and relationships. Spiritually, our repetitively sinful actions reflect our waste of God's grace & mercy. We cast them aside as we seek short-term pleasures and then beg God for more as these temporary visions fall short of fulfillment. We squander His forgiveness through our own selfishness and then fall before His compassionate nature in desperation

How fortunate are we that God is recklessly extravagant with His gifts for His children? Even as I continually stumble, I am grateful that God's supply of grace is bigger than the demand of my sin.

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