Friday, November 30, 2012


My name is Craig and I am a recovering fool. This is not an admission of being an idiot, but a confession of my continual process of transformation. I look back and can see the incredibly foolish ways that I have reacted to circumstances, treated people poorly based on my own insecurities, mishandled resources, and continued to commit the same sins. It certainly doesn't inspire any personal pride to admit this, but recognizing my need for recovery will help me stay focused on avoiding the foolishness that threatens to trap me.

The good news for me is that Christ died for fools and there is hope for my future. If I will genuinely search out His ways through Scripture and base my decision making on His wisdom I stand a solid chance of improving. Fools can change, but we have to recognize God's wisdom and recondition ourselves to choose what is best. The diligent discipline of choosing wisdom is the only successful recovery for fools.

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