Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ebenezer: 3 Gifts

As a continuation of yesterday's blog, I admit that I am going to cheat a little and meld three events into one that is evidence of God's great help.
Due to my wife's breast cancer we probably shouldn't have any children. Her survival odds weren't fantastic (at least according to medical science) and the odds of getting pregnant were low as well. Needless to say, God came through in bigger ways than we could have anticipated. 

The first moment we saw each of our girls was a beautiful fulfillment of God's promise to heal. All three births increased the love that my wife & I share and remind us that God doesn't have to listen to medical science. These girls represent God's ability to deliver and a life that He was sharing with us that was (and is) filled with potential. Our lovelies are beautifully and wonderfully made and I am humbled that God would trust me to be their earthly father. It's a responsibility that frightens me when I think about the weight of influence, but gives me incredible joy as we live out our futures together. 

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