Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So Far Away

Long distance relationships might work in romance, but they aren't very effective in facilitating societal & spiritual change. Transformation within our community is most effective when there is a life-to-life investment. The most powerful impact isn't found by sitting on one side of town and throwing money & prayer at those in need, even if those resources are desperately needed. It's an invested level of commitment that we might struggle with, but is essential if we genuinely want to be an active part of a lasting solution.

When we engage in spiritual battles and work to reclaim God's territory, it usually involves some form of hand-to-hand combat. While we can (and should) pray for people & areas that are far from us, we must combine that with intentional efforts to come face-to-face with our community's struggles. If we profess to be a Christ-follower, it isn't effective to declare that we are claiming territory for God. We have to enter that property and plant the flag of ownership ourselves. It isn't safe to do this, but re-claiming nations & people is worth the risk.

You can't solve problems from far away.

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