Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Math

I'm constantly reminded about the need for well communicated, godly vision. This is vital for successful families, passionately focused marriages, thriving churches, and growing organizations. Clarifying that vision helps people make the best decisions with their resources and invest energy in efforts that move along the right pathway. As that vision is communicated it becomes contagious to the people it directly impacts and inspires others to join in. When times are tough (and they will be at some point) it's the clear vision that motivates people to keep pushing forward. It reminds me of a simple equation I came across in my reading:

Need + Vision = Inspiration            Need - Vision = Desperation

There will be times of need in every family and organization. The key factor in thriving is to have a clearly articulated vision that involves everyone and gives people something to work towards during adversity. The hard work of clearly defining & sharing that vision is the only way to guarantee lifetime success. 

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