Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mission Minded

My wife & I are currently in Arizona visiting the American Indian Christian Mission in Show Low. It is a place that I have been leading mission trips to since 2004 and have now made 15 different trips there. I don't ever get tired of the views along the way or the opportunity to make a positive impact through one of the missions that we support. We have watched young children grow up and have children of their own, experienced joy as life decisions are made that break cycles of depression and pain, and sadly watched as lives have ended prematurely. Our stories pale in depth & number to our friends and fellow servants who have given so much of their lives over the years to further the mission of AICM.

This is a difficult, heart-breaking mission field and we are tremendously grateful for the full-time missionaries who serve for the opportunity to change the destiny of a Native American child. We keep working together from a distance to see the same goal achieved--transformation of a nation by equipping and evangelizing Native Americans to make a difference in ways in their nation that we cannot. The journey is wearying, but the call and commitment are clear. We have to keep fighting to help change their future and trusting that we are making a greater impact than we can sometimes measure.

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