Saturday, November 10, 2012

Keep Trying

I was working in my office this afternoon & had the Florida Gators football game playing on my laptop. It was obvious that they were being outplayed and as the game wore on it appeared they were going to lose. I had resigned myself to this unexpected defeat, but fortunately for Gator fans the team had not. I was amazed & impressed as they scored once to tie the score and then miraculously blocked a punt & returned it for the winning score with two seconds to go. It was a testimony to the perseverance of the team when things were not going as scripted. They understood that the potential for a great season was hanging in the balance and refused to stop working hard until there was no more time on the clock.

When we have something that is important to us we should keep working hard & doing what is right even when it doesn't seem to be going our way. The inner confidence we have gives us strength to keep fighting for our families, to be advocates for those that can't stand on their own, to correct injustices, and to be messengers of grace. We won't always feel like we're winning, but we have to continue to do what we know is right. Perseverance creates hope and builds character within us that stays strong regardless of circumstances.

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