Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ebenezer: Relocation

In August 2009 our life as we knew it was thrown into upheaval. I was unexpectedly asked to leave my ministry position and the only church our family had really ever known. Our world had been rocked and the fallout from it would take us a couple of years to work through. Fortunately, God already had a plan in  action to rescue us.

Earlier that month I had visited a church in Milledgeville, Georgia to see a great friend & his wife. They had asked me to come up and spend the weekend to help them in their search for a youth pastor and to preach. None of us knew that it would serve as an interview weekend for me, but God knew that we would shortly be returning here for good. My wife and I laugh constantly when we look back and see how God was working each detail out to bring us here. When He makes His grand plan so visible to us, even in hindsight, we can't help but be amazed at how much He must truly love us. The story of God setting us up to be part of Northridge will be a tale that we tell our grandchildren and will hopefully continue to be told long after we are gone. It's a definitive marker of His provision and ability to work through all circumstances.


  1. God had a plan for us all when He brought you to Northridge! I pray (possibly selfishly) for Him to keep you and your precious family here so we can all tell them this wonderful story!!

    1. Thanks Mollie--we are tremendously grateful for how God has worked it all out for our good!