Friday, June 1, 2012

Passing Through

Goodbyes are difficult. This time of year seems ripe with them as graduations fill the calendar. There is a joy in seeing people fulfill a part of their life journey, but also the bittersweet moment as you recognize that a relationship has permanently changed. A phase of life has ended and some things can't be recaptured.

I have been part of numerous high school graduations, but have also assisted with preschool ceremonies. These are different because the time frame together is much shorter. I watched the leaders of these programs revel in songs, stories, and pictures of a year spent together. They had obviously poured their hearts into these young people and it was joyful and yet melancholy.

It is an interesting situation to consider. You enter into this relationship knowing that saying goodbye is the inevitable end of this journey. This reality only leaves you with two choices. You can drown in denial (which doesn't change the outcome) or peacefully step into acceptance and celebrate the memories. Goodbyes can be done with grace and confidence in God's plan that brought us together in the first place.

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