Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well That's Different

What do you do with change? I know that it is inevitable and it usually is a sign of progress. I tend to deal well with this shift in some areas of my life and less than okay with it in others. It's interesting then, how God brings so many changes about in a short period of time that reinforce my need to depend on Him. 

It can be the change in pace and style of ministry, change in job description & role, another potential change in living situation, the growth of my girls (which is sometimes very rapid change), and the physical change as we get older. All of these keep stretching the boundaries of easy comfort, but also bring about necessary growth and maturity. It's not always easy to go along with it, but we can either attempt to ignore it or joyfully engage in the opportunities that God is giving us. 

Our reaction will determine how well we adapt to the inevitable. 

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