Saturday, June 16, 2012

Camp Reflections

I have just completed my 9th year of leading middle school camp and I can safely say it was another successful venture. I wrote about each day's theme, but I am also thankful for many other things that were part of our camp experience:
  • Committed & passionate volunteer staff giving up vacations, time with families, sleep, & quiet to make a difference
  • A lead pastor who is also passionate about camp & understands the level of work that goes into making it happen
  • Serving with adults who were once part of my youth ministry in Florida
  • Being able to dance & act ridiculously goofy to build bridges of trust with campers
  • Camp baptisms
  • Working with full-time missionaries on the camp staff--they do this all year long
  • Over $1200 in missions offering being given to help feed people in Haiti
  • Insane amounts of laughter with good friends
  • Another year of camp with my daughters
  • Seeing recognition in camper's eyes when they hear they are sons & daughters of the King
  • Watching God work in the hearts of adult volunteers even as they serve
  • People who donate vehicles, equipment, time, and finances to make the trip a success
  • Object lessons that cement the point of a message & work exactly as you hoped
  • Loud worship music
  • The willingness of someone to step in at the last minute to be part of the camp staff
  • Early morning coffee & quiet time before the hectic day begins
  • The chance to speak God's truth to over 130 campers & staff-Rescue is Coming!

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