Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Greatest Need

We seek rescue from a variety of things but they are really only reflections of our need for salvation. We are doing ourselves a disservice when we refuse to focus on this ultimate rescue. Our energy is focused on solving symptoms of a problem instead of addressing the root cause. The sin that so easily entangles us will inflict damage that is reflected in our relationships, self-esteem, and purpose. It can be so painful that we forget the underlying issue-the distance we have created between us and God as a result of our rebellion. Without recognizing that this is the problem we will lose sight of the bigger truth we should be seeking.

How great is it that God was willing to come down here to offer that solution to us? It reflects the true nature of a compassionate rescuer that is willing to do what it takes to completely rescue His people from sin. Being saved now depends on our humble acceptance of what is offered.

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