Monday, June 18, 2012

Stick Figures

In the Old Testament people would often choose to worship a false god instead of honoring the only real God. Since people tend to be visual, they would shape images out of sticks and other substances and then set them in places of honor in their homes. For most of us it's a foreign thought to worship something man-made instead of the other way around.

While that form of idolatry seems abnormal, God still warns us not to fall victim to that same principle. Even though we don't carve images and put them on pedestals in our homes, we still step into the trap of putting our confidence in something that is less than God. The list will vary somewhat for each of us, but usually falls under the categories of reputation, immediate gratification, and faith in temporary status. These are dangerous idols to worship as they will most definitely fade over time and prove to be anything but reliable. 

When we struggle through the fires of life it's better to do so with a God who is authentic instead of a stick god that becomes consumed along with us. It's best to identify where these idols might be and quickly rid ourselves of them before they bring about our downfall.

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