Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Take a Deep Breath

Our concept of peace is skewed. We fall into the trap of believing that peace means everything in our life is going smoothly. The earthly definition of peace means there is no relationship turmoil, everyone in our immediate circle is healthy, our finances are solid, and we feel good about ourselves. The problem with this understanding of the word is that it means we won't experience it very much in this lifetime.

The peace offered by Christ is instead focused on a contentment in all circumstances-even when they seem like they couldn't get any worse. It is the difference between seeking our happiness and focusing on being blessed. One is dependent on the ups and downs of daily life while the other seeks refuge in an unchanging and eternally good God.

It won't always make sense to those around us (or even to ourselves sometimes) but it is this peace that passes our earthly understanding that allows us to survive and thrive in adversity.

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