Saturday, June 23, 2012

Coffee Time

Those who know me can attest to my love for a cup of coffee. I will have 2-3 cups each morning and follow that up with an afternoon cup or two as well. I like a strong brew and drink it black. I enjoy going to a local coffee shop and having a cup, but enjoy it even more when the company is good. It's the conversations and life-to-life interaction that is a true passion of mine.

Today I was blessed to spend that coffee time with my youngest daughter, Olivia. This is actually something we started in Florida where we take each of our lovelies out for individual coffee time. It gives us the opportunity to invest in each of them and revel in the closeness we can share over a beverage. As they get older I am more intentional about our conversations and try to share more with them than just the day-to-day of life. My hope is that we can build a bridge of safe communication and give them a chance to share what they are thinking. I never take this time for granted, but pray that they enjoy it as much as I do and can look back on it as something special done together  
                                                             and as a fundamental part of their growth.

I can't see the end results of this time we share, but I am trusting that this loving mentoring will help them as they grow older. I only have so much time with them in this phase of life and I don't want to waste a moment we have together.

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