Sunday, June 10, 2012

Recognizing the Need

There is no need or desire to seek God if we are convinced that our lives are fine the way they are. We can choose to ignore our sickness or make excuses for why we don't seek God's healing, but neither one will deliver rescue.

While God is more than capable of intervening, He is waiting for us to stop the excuses and decide we need His help. It's in the recognition of that need for complete rescue that our vulnerability is genuine. The moment we decide we want to get well is the moment God steps in to rescue His people. This is where our journey begins.


  1. Complacency can be a dangerous state. I continually pray that I won't become so. It sneaks in and sets up shop rather quickly.

    1. I agree. Often the enemy is merely waiting for us to get comfortable and forget about him before he stages his attack. It's really his only alternative if we understand God's power & the fact that satan is already defeated.