Monday, July 2, 2012

Better Than I Deserve

Today is my birthday. I don't usually do a lot of celebrating of my own anniversary of birth. It's not that I am afraid of getting older or don't want the reminders of progressive age. It is really a reflection of not wanting a fuss to be made over me. Now I could pick that apart some (and believe me I have) but I'll let it stand on its own for this day. Let it just be sufficient to say that the day normally passes fairly quietly and without much fanfare.

This year has been somewhat different for me however. I was battling through some things in prayer this morning and seeking God's direction for me, my family, and future ministry. There were no specific answers given to most of that prayer & journaling, but He did provide it in other ways. The rest of my day was filled with birthday wishes and encouragement from colleagues, family, friends, and current and former church members. It was an extravagant reminder to me of the life that I have been blessed to live in Florida & now in Georgia. As each notification and well-wish came in, I reflected on my life interactions with each person and the moments that I have been gifted to share with them. It is a vivid reminder of the path of life that God has led me on and the beautiful people I have been allowed to live it with.

I am grateful for each interaction and story that I have to tell. Each one has shaped me and my family into who we are today and I pray that my influence has also been a blessing in return. God has shown His great love to me through all of you and I most certainly will not take it for granted.

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