Monday, July 16, 2012

End of a Day

It's the end of the first full day at Camp Kaleo and the daily tiredness is starting to set in (for campers & for staff.) It has been a challenging day in some ways, but rewarding in so many others. I don't know that words can accurately express all that I was able to take part in, but it will certainly do for now.

  • Watching campers & staffer alike joining in motions to new songs with enthusiasm
  • Lots of laughter at a full camp game game of wiffle ball
  • Campers begging to get back in the pool because they never get to swim like this at home
  • Learning that a young camper bought her first bathing suit for this trip for the same reason
  • Getting to watch our staff love on these children in so many situations
  • Giving big shouts of encouragement as they hit the target shooting bows & arrows
  • A young man (who likes to test boundaries) sitting with me at dinner and having a great conversation
  • The same young man hearing the adults at his table talk about the good dinner rolls & going to get another one for them to share
  • Sharing the truth that we are sons & daughters of the King and praying it takes root even if we won't necessarily see the immediate impact

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