Thursday, July 12, 2012

Words on Paper

I have a desire to write and while I am still in the refining stages of style and communication, I feel the need to develop the regular discipline of writing. One of my life ambitions is to write a book and I know that the consistent practice of blogging will help me to prepare for that process. I think back through what I have experienced that day, what insight I might have gained from Scripture, and what revelation I received from God. I usually sit down at my laptop and the ideas flow forward from my fingertips.

That is not happening today. Yet, in my stubbornness, I am insisting on writing a blog that is essentially about not writing a blog. It reflects a discipline that is necessary for future success. There are obvious spiritual parallels that I can make here as well, but for tonight I will refrain. 

Today I am simply reminded of Doc Carlin, my AP English teacher from high school (and friend & colleague) who would often pace around our classroom declaring, "Words on Paper!" It was his way of telling us to put our writing skills to work. The results will not always be ethereally life changing, but the practice is necessary just the same.

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