Saturday, July 21, 2012

Safe Prayers

We develop patterns and routines of prayer in our lives. While there is tremendous value in establishing the discipline of regular prayer, we can fall victim to praying the same phrases and words each day and lose the depth of meaning of what we are seeking God for. Have we allowed ourselves to be content with asking for immediate physical needs, blessings, and safety? While there is nothing wrong in praying for safety & protection, it does necessarily lead to an increase in our faith.

We have neglected to pray bold prayers that seek the best & most of what God has to offer to us. If we have even a fundamental understanding of God's infinite power we should be seeking more of it. We have to move beyond the easy prayers for ourselves and the benefits to our lives and ask God to do miraculous things in our communities and in the Church. It is in this stretching of our safe-zone boundaries that we gain greater glimpses of God and see His Church's influence increase. This bold and desperate prayer reflects our desire to see more of the power of the Holy Spirit working in us even as it scares us to think what that might look like as God answers. 

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