Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Do

It's been a weekend of marital experiences. I spent the last few days in Florida with my bride of almost 18 years and enjoyed the gift of time alone. We were blessed to spend it on the beach and there was comfort even in the quiet moments staring out the ocean. God has transformed our marriage over this journey together and days with just the two of us remind me of how lucky I am.

The reason for our trip (as written about in yesterday's post) was to officiate the wedding for one of our very good friends. They are at the beginning of their life's journey and it was a joy to witness the start of their marriage. While there we were able to see old friends--one of whom has just now been married for two years. Her comment to my wife about being married was that it was "the best thing ever!"

We are also honored to host the wedding vow renewal ceremony for two good friends who are moving away. It's a perfect way to end this weekend with a group of people who care intimately for each other coming together to bless a couple that has declared their allegiance to God and each other.

All of the parts of this weekend are a perfect reminder of the gift of marriage that we have received from God. Each stage of this journey has its trials and celebrations and the result of sharing life with another is a sweet reward that is worth all of the effort.

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