Saturday, July 28, 2012

Life to Life

You never really know the impact that your life will have. It's a measurable that can only be revealed as time passes and even then is not fully realized. We are blessed to see parts of that life-to-life contact in certain moments however. Today I get to experience one of those occasions.

I have the incredible pleasure of officiating a wedding for someone that is very special to my wife & I. We have experienced so much life with her & her family and there just isn't enough space to talk about all we have shared. We have watched her & her brother grow up from young children, worked through adversity, cried together, led them as their pastor, served in the mission field, laughed more times than I can begin to count, and developed a friendship that brings joy to my family. Her family asking me to lead her ceremony is affirmation of our mutual love and admiration.

Today Jocelyn Davidson starts the next step of her life journey and becomes Jocelyn Hofstede. It is my tremendous honor to be part of her day and I am grateful for this gift from God as evidence of our life impact on each other. 

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