Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peace & Tranquility

(I recognize it hasn't been that long since I have blogged on this topic, but apparently it is still flowing through my mind and needs to be shared.)

Are we ever truly content? Are we okay with this moment that God has given to us or are we so busy seeking the "next" thing that we are missing what is in front of us right now? I will admit that my personality always has me looking ahead & wondering if I am ignoring a sign about future direction. While I don't negate the importance of being attentive to my spiritual surroundings, I can also become guilty of allowing uneasiness to settle in. 

We should be at peace with where God has us & what He is doing. Our true source of discontent should be the lack of fulfillment of God's vision in our lives due to our own disobedience.

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