Thursday, May 31, 2012

Give It Up

Jesus called Peter, James, and John into ministry at the same time. They were fishermen by trade and had been fishing all night with no success, which was an aberration for men of their experience and skill. After teaching from Peter's (Simon's) boat he told him to push out into deeper water and put down their nets. Peter mentioned that they had been fishing all night with no results for their efforts, but agreed to do so. When they lowered their empty nets into the water they were filled with so much fish that their nets began to break. Jesus then issued the challenge to follow Him and they obeyed by walking away from their lives to pursue this new adventure.

Jesus showed these fishermen what worldly success looked like. He allowed them to gain a glimpse of great fortune and the fulfillment of all they had been working for and then asked them to give it all up to follow Him. I believe He provided this opportunity so that they understood exactly what they were walking away from. It had to be an active choice to leave behind something that was good for what was best.

The request is no less for us. God wants us to make a choice with a full understanding of what we are doing. If we don't realize what we are giving up it isn't truly sacrifice.

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