Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't Be That Guy

In Matthew 15:16 Peter is asking a question that he should have known the answer to. Jesus responded by asking, "Are you being willfully stupid?"

When does that question apply to us? It is when we ignore the truth of God that is in front of us. We conveniently forget what we already know to be true & start living out a lie that makes us feel better about the choices we are making.
We see it in our financial decisions and when we neglect family issues & hope they will resolve themselves. The evidence is in the slow fade of purity through lustful thoughts & actions. Being willfully stupid is demonstrated as we nod our heads in affirmation on Sunday, yet live the rest of the week as if we hadn't bothered to come to church at all.

Our dissatisfaction with our current life standing can't be blamed on other people or projected on our circumstances. It is often due to our own willful stupidity that ignores the teachings of Christ and what we know to be right.

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