Monday, May 7, 2012

Screen Time

Now that more movies tend to add sneak peeks at the end, I tend to sit through the credits more frequently. They will roll by starting with the actors and then move on to everyone that had a part in the production of the film. Usually no one can identify who the "best boy" position was filled by and in fact, would not even be looking for that credit.

I saw an interesting parallel to that while reading through the Old Testament. So many books list numbers of people in tribes and long lists of family that I can't possibly remember. While I may skim over them, they still represent important people in God's timeline. They fulfilled a purpose and were part of something larger than themselves and their own ambitions. Much like a gaffer or best boy on a movie set they won't receive top billing. That doesn't negate their importance and the contribution they made to the whole picture. 

This only reinforces God's principle of each person making a difference and having a higher purpose to attain to. We may not always understand how & why it matters, but if we are trusting Him to guide each step we can be sure that our efforts play a significant role in the grander scheme of His perfect plan.

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