Monday, May 21, 2012

The Other Side

In John chapter 21, the disciples had been fishing all night and had caught nothing. Jesus appeared on the shore and told them to drop their nets on the other side. The disciples replied that they had caught nothing, but listened to what Christ told them and were rewarded with a full net of fish.

When we move forward solely under our own efforts & plans we will come up with empty nets. It is only under the direction of God that we see true, long-lasting success. We have to be tired from doing it on our own before we humble ourselves to hear His direction however. Our humility increases when we realize the fruitlessness of doing things with our self-fueled plans.

We often make the mistake of letting our empty nets hold us back, but the failures of our past are learning experiences that have prepared us for this present time. The emptiness isn't a sign of God's failure--they often reflect our own endeavors that moved forward with out God's direction. 

For true fulfillment and Christ-like success we must listen to His voice tell us where our nets should be dropped. Our obedience will meet His promise on the other side.

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