Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Matters

What is really important? I find my focus wandering to the small details of far too many things. The urgency of these tasks in front of me can be overwhelming. My schedule can become repetitive as we get caught in the current of the stream of "got to keep pace." In the process it becomes easier to march forward checking off the same patterns of thought and behavior from week to week.

I believe this is one of the greatest traps of satan. He doesn't necessarily need us to wander off into horribly destructive lives of sin. He just whispers and urges us to stay so focused on keeping up with the same thing from week to week that we forget what really matters. We end up neglecting the motivation behind our lives and the excitement of following Christ. We ignore God's voice telling us to take risks and reduce it to a mere whisper that we can cover with the volume of our life of routine. 

Intently following the King is what matters. Placing our full confidence in living a life that is worthy of our calling is a grand adventure worth chasing after. It reorganizes our agenda and adds an element of risk and faith that makes this life exciting. When we lose sight of that we are no longer swept along in the speed-driven current of the Holy Spirit, but are instead sitting in kiddie pools of poorly disguised contentment. 

Fast moving water is refreshing and challenging. Small, shallow pools of still water fill up with stagnant filth as we become too timid to move.

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