Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Off Track

When we feel that we have gotten spiritually disoriented or distracted, we might describe ourselves as "off track." We get discouraged when we feel this way & can feel that our misplaced priorities have taken us away from the story that God is telling in our lives.

While we might feel that way (and I have in the past) I think it is an erroneous assumption on our part. We have convinced ourselves that we have delayed God's plan for our lives and therefore messed up what would have been a grand tale of faithfulness. In actuality, our current and future choices are the story we are living. It is the exact tale that God knew before He created us. He knew (and knows) the ebb and flow of our faith and still works in grander ways than we can imagine to shape us on the path we have chosen.

We aren't disappointing Him with our choices-that would mean that He didn't see them coming. In His inimitable fashion He is redeeming us through our faulty and flawed steps. We are operating from a present-based perspective that limits our understanding while He reigns from the end of our novel, having seen the triumphs that await us through our own imperfect and yet perfectly-written-for-us story.

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