Friday, May 18, 2012

Seasons Change

While our May temps drift back into early spring mode here in Milledgeville, I know it is only a brief respite from the progression of summer. I can see the signals as humidity increases and the water temperature moves northward. My mind is also racing in full camp preparation mode for the 2nd week of June-another sure sign that summer is almost upon us.

While I can readily identify the upcoming season, the real question is whether I can recognize changes of season in my life and in ministry. I know that I'm not alone in this dilemma. Part of it (echoing the wise words of Wayne Cordeiro in his book, Sifted) is that we have lost understanding of the significance of changing seasons. In farming communities, it is essential to recognize the time of year and the responsibilities that change as the seasons also shift. There are times when your daily tasks and goals will vary and to do anything other than what that season calls for would be foolish.

We have neglected the importance of changing seasons to our own detriment. We tend to do the same things each week/month/year with great ferocity until we run out of energy and take a vacation (or collapse.) Once that very brief rest period is over we resume the exact same activities that consumed us before our break. There is no wisdom in this and no focus on what is important at this time. 

Just as you can't wisely roll through December and act like it's mid-summer, you won't find success by acting if the seasons haven't changed in other areas of your life either.

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