Saturday, May 2, 2015

Returning Home

We casually pass through most weeks of our life and often don't meditate deeply on what happened. We have our routines and normal activities and continue to move along as the calendar flows from one month to the next. Every now and then we will experience something that makes a week stand out from the rest. These are the weeks that stick out in our memory and cause us to reflect on them more deeply after they have passed.

I have been fortunate to share that unique week for the last seven days with 16 special people. We have worked, played, laughed, and sung songs for hours together while serving in Arizona on the mission field. We lived quite peacefully in a bunkhouse and worked to encourage each other while maintaining flexibility. We come from different church backgrounds and life experiences and were forged together under the common goal of serving on the Apache reservation. The friendships forged here may taper in intensity as time passes, but they will always represent a week that bears remembering and carries more meaning as we reflect on it's power.

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