Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Long Lasting

I wrote recently about relationships in life and how some of them are seasonal. The short-term nature of these are still important parts of the people we have become and our life history. I think it's also valuable to have some relationships that are long term. These are the people that have stuck with us over the years and have continued to maintain more than a casual, passing friendship. 

In these relationships there has been a mutual investment and shared life. These are people that know us at our best and love us through our worst. We have cried together, invested sweat equity with each other, laughed at (and with) each other, and developed a bond that surpasses distance. There is a depth of connection that has covered trials, victories, and failures in each of our lives. It is a strength of relationship forged through powerful life experiences and a willingness to continue to invest in each other.

My family and I recently spent time with one of those friends on the mission field in Arizona. Our friend and his family have been part of our lives since he and his sister were both children. Our time together reminded me of the years of memories and the strong connection we still share today. Our love for him was quickly extended to his fiancee as well. It was an honor to serve with them both and to receive confirmation of the power of this long-lasting friendship.

I am a blessed man to have had such good friends over the years--both for short seasons and also those that endure. Both have tremendous value and impact on who I am today.

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