Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Your Life

People don't often want to take responsibility for the condition of their life. They make excuses and try to pin the blame for the current status on their upbringing, a difficult past, and the choices of other people. At some point, however, there has to be some personal accountability. To have a chance at transformation, improvement, and maturity we will all have to ask a tough introspective question: Are you who you want to be?

It's not too late to have a life that matters. We have one life to live here and it's not about YOLO (even though from an earthly perspective that is true.) It's about taking advantage of the gift of life we have been blessed with and making the very most of the time we have. If you are unhappy with the way you are currently living, then it is time to make some adjustments with God's help.

Do the scary work of examining your life and see if it measures up to your ideal and to God's. If it doesn't, get to work and do something about it.

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