Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Strong & Passionate

I had lunch with a couple of good friends today as we shared our concerns for our community. We
talked about problems that we see and threw around ideas on how our churches can be part of the solution. As we talked, my fellow pastor shared what he thought were the strengths of his church and what his people were passionate about. He admitted that this is not always an easy thing to determine, but something that he felt was necessary.

I believe this is vital for individuals as well as organizations. We have to take the time to determine what our strengths are and where we are the most passionate. It's in the process of identification and development that we mature and are able to be more effective. It's not always an easy endeavor and is most complete when other (trusted) people are involved.

If we are going to bring change to our community I believe it's an absolutely vital exercise to engage in and one that is part of a continual process of growth. Operating out of the best of what we do and executing it with passion will give us a fighting chance in affecting the greatest change.

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