Monday, June 3, 2013

New Beginnings

My blog's title represents something that I have found is very important to me--new beginnings. I started this new blog after our departure from Florida amidst my need for a clean slate. It was my
way of recognizing my own need for repentance and the opportunity to begin again. Each time I write I am reminded of how much this phrase is now a part of my DNA. A new beginning is not just about a departure from my old way of life, but it also brings the promise of unexplored territory rife with potential. It represents the newness of each day and my need for God's forgiveness. It is the excitement that I feel when I meditate on the future and the preparation God is doing in my life right now. It marks new steps of faith in my children's lives and the hope I have for their own calling. It's the love affair I have for my wife and the freshness of our relationship after 21 years together.

New beginnings isn't just the name of a place that I write--it's the mantra that I live by as God blesses me each day.

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