Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dinner Time

The pace and tension of ministry can often be high. There are difficult decisions to make, crises to respond to, present situations to manage, and the future to prepare for. It can honestly leave you quite exhausted at the end of the day--especially when you look ahead to a very full schedule.

I find a great deal of respite in the simple, yet joyful time spent around the family dinner table. My wife is an excellent cook and lovingly prepares delicious meals for us, but that is not the biggest attraction. It is the laughter of three teenage girls as they share goofy stories and tales of a day spent together. It's the knowing glances across the table with my wife as we share inside jokes and insight. It's the gift of speaking truth into the lives of our three lovelies as we prepare them for their future. I place a high value on these times together and appreciate the fact that they won't last forever. They are good for my soul and I hope they are building a foundation in our girls that carries into their adulthood.

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