Monday, February 4, 2013

Setting the Pace

We are in Florida visiting my family for a couple of days--it's always good to have a full house & spend time with each other. I got up early this morning & spent some time reading and drinking coffee (as I usually do) before heading down to their exercise room. After biking I was sitting outside cooling off and was reflecting on the idea of establishing a healthy rhythm. It's something that is not always easy to do, but I am convinced is essential for health and productivity.

This isn't just about finding regularity in your routines. I firmly believe it's a matter of operating within your strengths to maximize fulfillment in your life. It's the discipline of creating time for your family to thrive, engaging in physical activity to increase health, developing spiritual devotion, and investing time in growing our natural abilities for true fulfillment. It's a conscious effort to rearrange our lives around the most healthy rhythm for growth.

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