Friday, February 22, 2013

1 out of 7

I take pride in my work ethic (that is a topic to be unpacked some other time) and struggle with taking time off. I have also worked for leaders who possess exemplary work ethics which set a precedent that infiltrates the entire organization. As a result, I have a difficult time relaxing and enjoying a vacation and especially struggle with taking a day off each week. In fact, I will often battle with a touch of guilt over taking time off when I know other people are working.

I recognize that this isn't the way it should be and that it requires a shift of my perspective. Instead of trying to determine whether I deserve time away (because I have earned it) it needs to be more about simply obeying God's directive to rest. He gave us the gift of the Sabbath so that we would bring a halt to the chaotic pace of normal living and refresh ourselves. It's a day that re-energizes us and allows us to remember the important things in our lives. It provides a solid reminder that we need to depend on Him for our strength and that the universe can roll along just fine without our input--even if it's just for one day.

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