Saturday, February 9, 2013

Self Check-Up

We had intended to open our services tomorrow by dropping things into a small pool on stage and seeing how big of a splash we could create. Unfortunately, the pool had a leak in it and now there is water on the stage instead. I had even stacked two kiddie pools inside one another and laid down plastic, but apparently the leak was big enough that those steps didn't matter. It's clear now that I should have checked the pools more thoroughly before putting water in them.

We should regularly examine ourselves in the same manner. We can't assume that our spiritual relationship is still strong when we don't perform regular checkups. It's foolish to assume that your marriage is rolling right along when you haven't stopped to assess the health of your spouse. Don't pretend that your children are just fine because their schedules are busy when you haven't paused to really find out how they are doing. Failing to be diligent in faithfully examining ourselves will leave a bigger mess than a puddle of water on the carpet.

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