Monday, February 18, 2013

Begin Again

There is something about a blank whiteboard that hints of promise. It's the potential for a sermon to be fleshed out as I study. It's creative space for camp planning and the assorted details that go with it. The white space can be used to map out ideas for developing leaders, for writing task lists, for writing thoughts to meditate on for a few days or weeks. 

Metaphorically, it means even more. It's the fresh start we get with God each day when we confess our sins and ask for forgiveness. It's the beginning of healing in a relationship when you are both willing to learn from the past and move forward in unity for the future. It's an unwritten end to your own story with the details left to be filled in as you decide what your next steps are. The blank space waits for our obedience, sacrifice, and risks of faith as we believe in the promises God has already given to us. 

Something will be written on that board and we active participants in deciding what it will be.

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