Friday, February 15, 2013

Deep Longing

There is a deep longing in each of us for the freedom that only God can bring.We settle for filling that desire with a poor substitutes that leave us less than satisfied and frantically searching for something more. When we gain a glimpse of the purity of God's way, it stirs our soul and touches us spiritually in ways that outshine all our other efforts. It gives us a taste of something that we have been striving to find. The packaging may be in a quiet moment, the unexpected kindness of a stranger, genuine compassion in the face of tragedy, or in the power of a song.

I saw some of that in a video clip from American Idol today. There is no doubt this young lady is talented, but there is something even more engaging about the song that she has written & performed. I can see the impact of the words on the faces of the judges and know that it stirs in them the same thing it does in me--the cry of redemption and restoration as we are set free.

You Set Me Free by caseycarlsonx1

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