Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life Hurts

Sometimes life is difficult. I'm not talking about small interpersonal conflicts or stress at work, although they can create a tension to be managed as well. I'm writing specifically about the gut-wrenching pain that we suffer when things go horribly wrong. It's the hammering of your heart in your chest as the doctor tells you that you have cancer. It's the deep sorrow that envelopes your soul as you learn of an unexpected death. It's the shock and pain of discovering you have been betrayed by someone you trust. It's the incredible sense of loss when that person you love has walked out of your life for good.

I haven't endured all of these, but I have experienced enough to know how deeply these can wound you. In the middle of the initial shock and recovery you often feel as if you can't see past the pain. When we see those we care about suffering we want to help, but often don't know what to say or do. There are no easy answers and often the cliche statements (although spoken with good intentions) don't appease the pain.

When life hurts perhaps the best thing we can do is simply be with the people we care about. Words aren't even necessary, but we can provide comfort through our tears and our intentional presence. We learn to trust in the God of peace and the comfort that He brings through us as we share in the grief of our loved ones. Trusting in His soothing Spirit is better than any words we can speak.

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