Sunday, August 23, 2015

Defining the Competition

Yesterday I wrote about the significance of understanding that I am in competition with my own expectations. Recognizing that truth is key, but I also have to clearly define it so I know what I am up against.

When I’m striving to be a better man, the biggest threats come mostly from inside of me. While outside factors obviously influence me, I react differently based on how I am succeeding in my internal fight. My success in the competition with myself will determine how well I navigate the challenges in front of me.

Often it’s the battle of the weight of my past decisions that hinders my growth. Sometimes it’s the frequent reminders of my own shortcomings and weaknesses that I can’t escape. Frequently it’s the internal conversations that can spin into negativity instead of being positively centered. When I am winning this competition I feel as if I can overcome any obstacle. When I am losing this battle even little things can knock me off course.

To become the man I want to be I have to be aware of this competition and fight diligently to overcome the wrong type of thinking. These are battles I have to win if I’m going to get further down the road.

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