Friday, August 7, 2015

Keep Turning

There’s an illustration I’ve read about a giant, heavy flywheel. A person is charged with turning it and has a very difficult time getting it to move because of its weight. They keep pushing on it and start to see it inch forward and it still takes an hour to make one revolution. After consistently applying pressure, the wheel starts to pick up speed. Eventually, the weight of the wheel begins to work to help the spinning movement until it finally rocks along in a steady rhythm. The question is asked: what turn of the wheel was the one that moved it faster? Was it the 1500th or the 110th spin that made the difference? The truth is that every push of the wheel helped to make it happen. They all contributed to the momentum.

Transformation and opportunity in our lives are the result of all the decisions we have made to this point. There isn’t one choice that has radically changed our lives, but the sum total has created momentum for us to move forward. Don’t neglect the power of the moment you are living in and how it contributes to positive movement. Even when things don’t seem to be going forward our focused efforts will help us in the long run.

Our future destination is found in the sum of our life experiences.

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