Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Taking Advantage

This morning brought cooler than expected temperatures to middle Georgia as we woke to readings in the low 60's. With the incredibly hot summer we've already had this was a very pleasant break even if it was only for a day. When we first noticed these predicted morning temps, my wife and I both planned an early morning run. We've been dodging the heat for so long we didn't want to miss this opportunity. I'll admit my body could have used the rest, but I wasn't willing to forfeit this chance at fall-like conditions.

Sometimes we have to push ourselves a little harder when an opportunity presents itself. It may not come at the most convenient time, but if we don't take advantage of this chance it may be a while before another one rolls around. Seizing the moment in front of you means you have to be paying attention and be ready to jump when it arrives.

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