Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Guiding Prayer

I came across this moving prayer in a book I recently read. It is a powerful reminder of the attitude God is calling the church to have as we leave our buildings and head out into the world.

God, go with us. 
Help us to be an honor to the church. 
Give us the grace to follow Christ’s word,
to be clear in our task and careful in our speech. 

Give us open hands and joyful hearts. 
Let Christ be on our lips. 
May our lives reflect a love of truth and compassion.
Let no one come to us and go away sad. 

May we offer hope to the poor, and solace to the disheartened. 
Let us so walk before God’s people, that those who follow us might come into his kingdom. 
Let us sow living seeds, words that are quick with life, that faith may be the harvest in people’s hearts. 

In word and in example let your light shine in the dark like the morning star. 
Do not allow the wealth of the world or its enchantment flatter us into silence as to your truth. 
Do not permit the powerful, or judges, or our dearest friends to keep us from professing what is right.

*Borrowed from Searching for Sunday, by Rachel Held Evans

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