Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting Ready

We are about to head out on our annual family vacation and I don't think we could be any more excited about the trip. This is a time of refreshing that we look forward to all year long with special traditions along the way. It's our time to completely decompress while eating good food, reading a pile of books, and being (mostly) lazy.

The thing about vacations is that you can't just throw your swimsuit in a car and go though (although some might disagree.) It actually takes some planning, cleaning, and shopping to get ready. The stress level leading up to the trip can often be quite high especially in the last hours of preparation. It's the pressure of preparing to leave that gets to you.

You would think we would manage this a bit better since it seems as if we are always preparing for something. We are constantly getting ready for a new phase of life, a big event on our horizon, personal growth, and changing seasons. The truth is that all of life is based on preparation for what is next. I would hope that my recognition of this would make the process a bit less stressful, but apparently that isn't always true. I've actually got to take the time to stop and enjoy parts of the journey (like a well-timed vacation) to see how preparation makes a difference.

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