Monday, August 24, 2015

Good Fuel

My wife has reminded me lately that I’m going to have to adjust my eating habits as we continue to train and improve our health. I can’t expect to see great gains and improvements unless I’m eating more calories and better sources of dense nutrients. My eating habits have been very disciplined and focused for almost the past year, but I have to take it to another level to see the results I’m hoping for. I’ll admit I’ve fallen into some fairly predictable fueling patterns and need to change things up.

I need to give more careful consideration to what I use to fuel all of my body—mind, spirit, and relational too. If we don’t vary what we take in we’ll end up with very predictable results that don’t allow us to grow beyond our current state. This isn’t a free license to take in whatever I want to because some things are just not healthy for me. It is a challenge to vary what I read, who I listen to, and the things I allow to influence my thoughts to give me a chance to stretch myself in new directions.

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