Saturday, October 12, 2013

Two Words

Some like to think that you have to talk more to
get your point across (a trap that I sometimes fall
into) but there is power in simplicity and economy of speech too. Tonight it only took two words to say what matters most, "I do." They are words that convey much more than acquiescence to a rehearsed set of vows or an expected, timely response. They were words filled with passionate emotion and fervent dedication that echoed their depth of commitment. These are words shaped by past experiences that bring an even greater gratitude for present blessings. This private oath shared publicly give us a glimpse of the emotional intimacy between a couple. It reveals the trust that has been built between them and the firm foundation that will only be strengthened over time. It's a promise of stronger things to come that are forged in the fires of resilience, healing, and God's restoration. I'm honored to have had a front row seat while they were shared.

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