Monday, October 28, 2013


Here's the truth as difficult as it may be to admit: I am not as good at things as I like to think I am. As difficult as this is to admit this is a trait that a lot of us probably share. We can often operate with an overinflated sense of self by taking a personal strength and magnifying it so much that we fool ourselves about its true value. It's a fine line of using what we have to our greatest capacity and overstepping our bounds as ego takes over. I have seen too many good leaders fall victim to this abuse and then wonder how things have crashed around them. 

The flip side to this is that we are also not as bad at things as we tend to think we are either. Crossing the line of self-effacement into self-abuse is an easy step for many. This is often a reflection of poor childhood experiences, a lack of positive mentoring, or destructive self-esteem brought on by the lack of realistic, loving influences. It can be just as devastating as we end up denying our own value leading to an aimless life that ends in harm either physically or emotionally.

The truth is that what we seek is a healthy balance between our positive & negatives attributes.  It's the person that is confident in Christ who is able to accurately measure themselves through the lens of God's strength. We will recognize the need for continued maturity but also celebrate where we currently are. It's the balance found in not overestimating or underestimating ourselves, but in recognizing that all of us belongs to God and He is working in our strengths & weaknesses for our betterment.

There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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